The best reason to choose Mill Creek Life Sciences.


Ready for Whatever Your Quality Policies Advise.

We are quality by design. We expect your quality inquiries. We are here to SUPPORT your research and your clinical trial.

You can rest assured that you are using the highest quality human platelet lysate to grow the healthy and quality cells you need for your application. Mill Creek Life Sciences is dedicated to QUALITY — our roots are cGMP processing.

We have been site audited many times by some of the best commercial companies in the industry. We maintain the highest standards and interpretation of the regulations and have been used in products around the world. We are dedicated to providing only the best for you and your patients.

We offer your cell culture more than just the highest quality products — we provide support for you as well.

As your partner, our quality and experience mean more growth for you!

Mill Creek Life Sciences was founded to serve the clinical need for a safe, powerful and cost-effective media supplement solution. Our sole focus is to help and ease the process of getting cell-based therapies to the clinic. We understand that human platelet lysate is a key ingredient to many new and potentially efficacious therapies for devastating diseases. We dedicate ourselves to provide a quality product to move your therapy forward.

Medal icon Quality & Safety

Our culture of quality manufacturing ensures we are able to provide products to our customers of the highest quality and safety.

Open box icon Compliance

Monitoring compliance is an ongoing area of focus with internal and external auditing providing detection and resolution of any non-compliance.

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Ethical conduct is critical to our business function and is the cornerstone of our company.

Supply Chain

We assess suppliers in an ongoing fashion for their ability to provide the highest quality materials and reagents we need.