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Over 15 Years of Successful Clinical Use

PLTMax® is our original, first-generation human platelet lysate developed as an animal serum-free, cell culture supplement and was the first commercially available human platelet lysate.

This product is animal serum-free, however, heparin is added in the manufacturing process of PLTMax® to minimize coagulation. Even with the addition of heparin, clots can spontaneously develop over time. Avoiding long term storage at 4°C can help with reducing the number and size of clots. Since some cell culture media contain high levels of mediators of coagulation like Ca2+ and Mg2+, the addition of heparin is also required when preparing complete media supplemented with PLTMax®.

For PLTMax® production, we use pharmaceutical grade heparin for injection. This heparin is purified and refined from swine according to cGMP methods and is one of the most widely used drugs in humans.

PLTMax® has been a critical ingredient in Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III trials worldwide. It has been used to grow cells for thousands of patients. PLTMax® has a Master File with the FDA to accelerate your application.

Available in both clinical and research grades in 27mL, 100mL, 500mL, and 1000mL bottles.

Benefits of PLTMax®

Adipose-derived MSCs reduced doubling times
Adipose-derived MSCs reduced doubling times
  • Increased cell growth kinetics (reduced cell doubling time)

  • Contains growth factors and proteins that maximize cell growth

  • Enhances genetic stability in MSC cultures

  • Provides an optimal environment for cell culture and drug discovery

  • Manufactured to reduce lot-to-lot variation

Adipose-derived MSCs maintain capacity to undergo adipogenesis after growth with PLTMax<sup>®</sup>
Adipose-derived MSCs maintain capacity to undergo adipogenesis after growth with PLTMax®
Human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Human umbilical vein endothelial cells
  • Not just for MSCs, but also Endothelial cells, T cells, NK cells, tumor cells, iPSCs, and more!

  • Great for generating cells in large scale bioreactors

  • Master File with the FDA

  • Reduced supplementation (5% or less supplementation with PLTMax® compared to 10% or more FBS and Human AB Serum)

  • More cost-effective alternative to serum free media supplements

Adipose-derived MSCs increased cell growth
Adipose-derived MSCs increased cell growth

Quality Products to Fit Your Needs

All our products are manufactured under cGMP conditions. We do release testing on all manufactured lots and provide a CoA/CoO for each lot. Some of our release testing includes: pH, osmolality, total protein, mycoplasma, sterility, endotoxin, and a proprietary cell growth assay. We also test a panel of growth factors on all lots for internal information only. Mill Creek is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

PLTMax® Research Grade

Manufactured to meet the needs of research and development to ensure an easy transition to clinical manufacturing.

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PLTMax® Clinical Grade

For use in cGMP clinical applications. Clinical grade PLTMax® products are further certified to be endotoxin free.

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PLTMax®-GI Clinical Grade

Gamma irradiated with a 25-38 kGy validated process to improve viral safety.

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Performance of PLTMax® vs Serum Based Products

Time-lapse of Adipose-derived MSCs from day 0 to day 5 of culture (17) - PLTMax

PLTMax® 5% (18) FBS & Max

FBS 10% (19) - ABS & Max

Human AB Serum 5%