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Born in a clinical lab, our human platelet lysates have been used to grow cells for thousands of patients globally in more than 50 Phase I, II, and III clinical trials for more than a decade. Our hPL products are derived from human platelets and offer unparalleled cell growth in cellular therapy. They are the most cost effective and natural way of growing cells.

Our Featured Products


PLTMax® is our original, first-generation human platelet lysate developed as an animal serum-free, cell culture supplement and was the first commercially available human platelet lysate.



PLTGold® is a 100% xeno-free hPL which contains all the growth factors and proteins that maximize cell growth. There is no clot formation and no need for heparin.


Our Technology

Human Platelet Lysate

The development of our human platelet lysate arose from the need to find a suitable cGMP alternative to fetal bovine serum. Human platelet lysate was not just a substitute, but a far superior alternative to FBS and most serum free commercial solutions. Our products are the gold standard supplements for human cell expansion in translational medicine.


Our human platelet lysates have been used worldwide for more than a decade in over 50 clinical trials for a wide range of diseases involving repair of damaged tissue or organs. Initially developed for use with MSCs, our hPLs have evolved into a platform technology that has been used successfully with many other cell types and applications, including 2D and suspension cultures, as well as organoids.

Dendritic Cell Vaccine

The vaccine technology is comprised of two components: Allogeneic tumor lysates with classic GBM antigens and autologous dendritic cells capable of inducing an immune response. MCLS obtained the license to this technology, which we aim to optimize and adapt for manufacturing of the DC vaccine therapy on a wider scale.

About Us

Mill Creek Life Sciences (MCLS) was founded in 2010 by Dr. Allan Dietz, then director of the Human Cellular Therapy Laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Dr. Dietz’s lab developed a process to turn outdated human platelets into human platelet lysate (hPL), as a substitute for calf serum. This technology was licensed to MCLS, which was the first company to commercially sell human platelet lysate. We were founded with a singular purpose in mind: to bring new solutions to accelerate cellular therapies for patients.

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