Human Platelet Lysate

Gold standard supplements for human cell expansion in translational medicine.

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cGMP Cell Culture Supplement for Safe, Consistent, and Efficient Human Cell-Based Therapies

In 2010, after several years of success processing human platelet lysate (hPL) in-house at the Human Cell Therapy Laboratory (HCTL) at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Allan Dietz licensed the IP for hPL and for a glioblastoma (GBM) cancer treatment and founded Mill Creek Life Sciences (MCLS). The development of our human platelet lysate arose from the need to find a suitable cGMP alternative to fetal bovine serum.

Human platelet lysate was not just a substitute, but a far superior alternative to Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) and most serum free commercial solutions. Currently, hPL production is Mill Creek’s main operation. Our products have been used in Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC) and other cellular therapy clinical trials globally in over 1,000 patients.

Why Platelet Lysate?

The rationale behind using platelets to produce a cell culture supplement came from looking at how the natural process of tissue repair occurs in the body. Platelets have a very important role in tissue regeneration.

Upon arriving at the damaged tissue, platelets activate and release cytokines and chemokines that attract macrophages and granulocytes to defend the site against bacterial contamination and also remove dead tissue.

In addition, platelets also mediate stimulatory and inhibitory signals that will promote migration and proliferation of fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells that will conduct blood vessel remodeling and tissue repair.

There are more than 140 factors found in platelets: chemokines, adhesion molecules, immune molecules and growth and angiogenic factors. This combination is what makes platelet lysate the ideal environment to grow cells that participate in tissue regeneration.

Mill Creek's Human Platelet Lysate

Our hPLs are made from expired human platelets, collected at AABB & FDA certified U.S. blood banks, that were intended for use in human transfusion. The donor units are transported frozen to MCLS and then pooled in large batch sizes and manufactured according to our proprietary methods to produce a consistent product.

Our commercially available human platelet lysate is a consistent and reliable alternative to FBS, Human AB Serum, defined medias, and lab-based platelet lysates. With the increasing interest in human cellular therapy, our hPLs meet the need for cell culture supplements that are animal serum-free, xeno-free, and cost effective.

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Our initial product, derived from expired human platelets to provide an entirely human-derived, rich growth media supplement.

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A second generation and heparin-free hPL developed at MCLS in 2017.

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Gamma Irradiated Products Available for Added Safety

With the emergence of new infectious diseases, transmission of potential pathogens via blood transfusion or the use of blood derived products in the clinic can be a concern. Development of human platelet lysates with a pathogen reduction process helps to improve the safety profile for these cell-based therapies. Mill Creek Life Sciences developed PLTMax®-GI and PLTGold®-GI, human platelet lysates that have been treated with gamma irradiation for pathogen reduction in a process that maintains product quality and efficiency. MCLS validated the gamma process with a 5-virus viral clearance study that demonstrated viral inactivation with each of the viruses.

Differences in ultimate cell yield with different hPL products after starting with 10 million cells and using a 7-day growth period.
Differences in ultimate cell yield with different hPL products after starting with 10 million cells and using a 7-day growth period.

Benefits of MCLS Human Platelet Lysate

Initially developed for culturing MSCs, the rich nature of our hPLs allowed us to expand the applications outside of the world of regenerative medicine. Currently, several laboratories and hospitals around the world are using our products to grow many types of cells and in many different applications, including CAR-T based cancer immunotherapy.

Medal icon Potency

Faster growth kinetics than human AB serum or FBS

Open box icon Reduced Variation

Manufactured under cGMP in large batches to reduce lot-to-lot variation

Open box icon Genetic Stability

Promotes chromosomal stability

Medal icon Cost Effective

Reduced supplementation (typically 5% vol/vol) and therefore more cost effective compared with FBS and serum-free media

Open box icon Optimal Cell Environment

Contains more than 140 growth factors and other proteins that maximize growth and aid cell attachment, eliminating the need for additional tissue culture-ware treatment.

Open box icon Robust Platelet Supply

MCLS has a strong relationship with it's blood bank suppliers for a dependable supply of raw material platelets.